How to Shop for the Right Supplement

Texas has a number of Medicare supplement insurance carriers. There are several factors to consider when shopping for your insurance policy.  

An  insurance agent can help you shop the top Medicare Supplement insurance carriers annually to assist you in finding the lowest premiums.

Texas Medicare Supplement Buyer’s Tips:

  • Every Texas Medicare Supplement insurance policy has identical benefits if the plan letter is the same. For example: if you like Plan F, you could purchase that plan from AARP or Forethought or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and the benefits are the same, even though the prices vary by carrier. Knowing this, you can shop for the best rates without worrying that benefits will differ.
  • Research the Rate Trend for each insurance policy you are considering. Supplement premiums will start at one rate, but will have rate increases generally every year. You want an insurance carrier with a strong history of stable rate trending.
  • Compare Financial Ratings or each Medicare supplement carrier. Companies with A or B financial ratings have more assets in reserve and are generally larger companies than those with lower ratings.
  • Brand name carriers may cost your more money. Many Medicare beneficiaries find that there are quite a few companies in the Texas Medicare Supplement insurance market that they have never heard of before. That’s because many of these carriers only sell health insurance to people on Medicare. If you are new to Medicare, you may not be familiar with the carrier’s name, even though it may have excellent rate trends, strong financial ratings and long histories of stability. Don’t write off a carrier  just because they don’t sell insurance to people under 65. Every dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in an insurance carrier’s coffers.

Finding all this data can take a person a very long time if they are calling each carrier directly. Our agency has software that compares all of this for you instantly. Most individuals shop for their Medicare supplement insurance through an  agent specializing in Texas Medicare supplement insurance policies like us.

Our independent insurance agency can help you find your Texas Medicare supplement today. For help, call us or fill out our information request form for help with your
Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance Quote.