Enrollment into Medicare Part B triggers a 6-month open enrollment period. Read below to determine what your open enrollment period offers you based upon your situation.

For Seniors:texas turning 65
Medicare Supplement insurance companies must sell you a policy, regardless of your health conditions, if you are at least 65 and apply within 6 months after enrolling in Medicare Part B. These 6 months are called your open enrollment period. During open enrollment, you can apply with the assurance of no pre-existing condition waiting periods.

For Texans with disabilities:texas medicare under 65
Texans under age 65 who receive Medicare because of disability have a 6-month open enrollment period for Medicare supplements beginning the day their Medicare Part B begins. 

During open enrollment, Medicare supplement carriers may not deny you a policy due to health conditions. However, insurance companies are NOT required to offer all Medigap plans to you. In Texas, Medicare supplement insurance company are only required to offer Medigap Plan A to people under 65, so if you have Medicare and you are younger than sixty-five, you most likely will only be able enroll in Plan A. However, you might consider Medicare Advantage plans as an alternative option in that situation 

On the bright side, you will have a second open enrollment period when you turn age 65. So while you may be unable to find a carrier offering the Medigap plan you want while you are younger, you will have a second opportunity to enroll in your preferred plan when you turn 65.

Enrollment After Age 65:
For both seniors over age 65 and Texans with disabilities, you may have the right to a guaranteed issue Medicare supplement plan beyond your open enrollment period if you lose certain types of health coverage, such as group coverage.

In general, you have 63 days from the date coverage ends to enroll in a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan and you must provide proof of the loss of your health care coverage.

Beware, if you miss open enrollment without other creditable coverage, your options may become limited. Once open enrollment passes, your application for Medigap insurance will be subject to medical underwriting by the insurance carrier, who may accept or decline your application based on your medical history.

Choosing a Texas Medigap Policy:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers a handbook to help you with information about choosing a suitable policy. Contact our agency to request a copy of this free publication to be emailed to you.

The Best Time to Enroll
Your open enrollment period is the best time to buy a Medicare Supplement insurance policy because companies must sell you any plan they offer regardless of your pre-existing health conditions.

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