Medicare Outpatient Insurance


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Medicare Part B (medical) helps cover outpatient medical services that aren’t covered under Part A.

Part B medically necessary services include doctor’s services, lab and diagnostic services, preventive services, chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis and more.

Medicare Part B does not, however, cover the entire cost of these service. Essentially, Medicare Part B pays only 80% of Medicare-approved outpatient expenses.

You will pay a share of your Part B services, such as:

  • Part B deductible ($183 annually)
  • 20% of all additional costs with NO limit on your spending
  • Excess charges beyond what Medicare reimburses your providers

Part B Expenses Are Unlimited


Generally, Part B only pays 80% of your outpatient needs.

Essentially, this leaves you paying 20% of some potentially very expensive services such as heart surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and dialysis – with no cap on your spending.

Durable medical equipment, also covered under Part B, can sometimes be quite expensive.


Part B Durable Medical Equipment


Medicare Part B has a competitive bidding program to try to keep your costs for equipment as low as possible. Nonetheless, this equipment can be expensive, and the average consumer may use different types of durable medical equipment for quite a few common conditions. A few of those, for example, would be:

  • Diabetes – blood testing and glucose monitors
  • Asthma – nebulizers and breathing devices
  • Arthritis – joint support, braces, walking canes, rolling walkers, and for degenerative arthritis, wheelchairs or scooters

Without medicare supplemental insurance coverage, your Texas Medicare Part B costs can add up quickly. We can show you how a Texas Medicare supplement (Medigap) or a Texas Medicare Advantage plan will help protect you against financial exposure.

For free assistance with how to enroll in Part B or with choosing a suitable Medicare supplemental insurance plan for your individual needs, call us today or for online help with your Medicare decisions, you may
get help with Medigap.

Also, Part B is optional, and NOT automatic for everyone – you should review whether you need to apply for Medicare Part B.


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