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We have helped hundreds of Medicare beneficiaries from all over Texas to learn about their Medicare supplement insurance options and choose a plan that’s right for them. Read below to see how we have helped people in various situations…

Case Study #1 – Medicare Under Age 65

Sandy K. from Fort Worth, Texas, was only 56 years old when she was forced to retire early due to a medical condition, which allowed her to become eligible for Medicare early. Being on a limited budget, she was worried that she would be unable to find a Medicare insurance option that she could afford. We searched numerous suitable carriers to find one that not only provided an insurance plan that Sandy could afford, but that was also accepted by all of her doctors.

Here is what Sandy says:

“The agents at Boomer Benefits are very knowledgeable with many years experience in Medicare-related health insurance. They helped me choose the best affordable Medicare insurance that would cover all my many prescription drugs.”


Case Study #2 – Medicare When Losing Group Insurance

Raymond J. and his wife Donna live on a farm in the Texas country, where they garden and raise black Angus cows. They contacted us when Donna was leaving her group insurance plan, causing Raymond to lose his coverage that was coordinating with his Medicare. Since they are not in an urban area, Raymond was concerned about getting an insurance policy that would be accepted by doctors in his area. We searched numerous carriers to find the lowest-cost Medicare supplement offered by an A-rated carrier in his area. Using his Guaranteed Issue window, we helped him apply without having to answer health questions.

Here is what Raymond says:

“They helped me in finding a good secondary insurance to go with my Medicare and a good prescription coverage for my medications. Danielle stays in touch with me about new drug coverage options during the annual election period, which makes me feel like a customer with a name and not just another number.”


Case Study #3 – Turning 65 and Loving Life!

Texas Medicare supplement

Nancy in her Tennis Pro Days

Nancy R. is a former tennis pro with a terrific upbeat attitude and excellent health. Since she rarely goes to the doctor, she wanted a plan that would give her full coverage for catastrophic needs but also freedom of choice for doctors and hospitals. She did not mind coming out of pocket for some routine healthcare needs if it would help reduce her insurance premiums.

We introduced to her the High Deductible Plan F Medicare supplement, which gives her the peace of mind she sought, but at a very low premium.

Here is what Nancy says:

I have never dealt with a friendlier, more competent insurance agent. Her caring and help made the whole process so easy. I highly recommend her to anyone needing Medicare insurance.”


Case Study #4 – New to Medicare at Age 65         

Sue M. from Keller, Texas, found our website online when she was researching her Texas Medicare supplement insurance options as she approached age 65. She had questions about the differences between Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans. We helped educate Sue on how each option worked. Ultimately, Sue felt most comfortable with a Medicare supplement so that she could access any doctor that accepts Medicare. We researched numerous carriers in her zip code to find an A-rated carrier offering the supplement plan she wanted at the most affordable rate available.

Here is what Sue says about our agency:

They gave me information so that I could make a decision that was best for me. They answered all my questions and helped me understand. You can trust them to have your best interest in mind. They will help you however you need help. They watch out for your continued needs. You can also call on them and they are approachable…”


Case Study #5 – Lowering Your Medicare Supplement Rate


Paul H. from Alamo, Texas, is a 78 year-old who teaches English as a second language and has traveled the world. He contacted us after his existing Medicare supplement insurance carrier had a substantial rate increase. We searched multiple insurance carriers to find one offering his same Medicare Supplement Plan G for a lower premium.

Here is what Paul says:


“They helped me find a Medicare supplement that was reliable and inexpensive. You can rely on them 100%!”



Find out today how our agency can help you with your search for the right plan that fits your needs.  Call us or complete an online request:

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