Texas Secure Horizons

Texas Secure Horizons

Secure Horizons by United Healthcare is one type of Texas Medicare Advantage health plan.

Texas Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage plans are private health plans, not Medicare supplements. Secure Horizons plans are offered in some counties in Texas.

When you enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan, you agree to obtain your Medicare benefits from that plan’s network of physicians and hospitals. United Healthcare offers a network of providers in many areas in Texas. 

Our agency is an Authorized to Offer Agent for Secure Horizons plans. We can provide you with information about what plans, if any, Secure Horizons offers in your county, as well the premiums and summary of benefits specific to each county.

You must be entitled to Medicare Part A and continue to pay Medicare Part B premiums to qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan like Secure Horizons.

 If you are interested in learning more, please fill out our online request for information about
Texas Secure Horizons.