Medicare Hospital Insurance


Medicare Part A helps to pay for hospital expenses.texas medicare part a

Part A coverage includes inpatient hospital coverage and skilled nursing facility coverage after a hospital stay.

Medicare Part A also helps cover hospice care, home health care and the first three pints of blood each year.

You will pay a share of your Medicare Part A services, such as the following Medcare deductible and cost sharing for 2017:

  • Part A deductible ($1316)
  • Daily copay for days 61 – 90 ($329/day)
  • Daily copay for days 91 – 150 ($658/day)
  • All costs for any days beyond the 150th day

Without Medicare supplemental insurance coverage, your hospital costs alone could be more than $30,000 if you had a hospital stay of 150 days. And that wouldn’t include the bills you would be incurring for services performed in the hospital, like surgeries or CT scans, which fall under Medicare Part B and are only covered 80%.

Texas Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) or a Texas Medicare Advantage plan can help to protect yourself against financial exposure for the things Medicare doesn’t pay.

For assistance choosing a suitable Medicare insurance plan for yourself or a loved one, call us or request help with Medigap.