Texas Medicare HMO

Texas Medicare HMO plans are a type of insurance called a Medicare Advantage plan. When you enroll in a Medicare HMO plan, Medicare pays the plan on your behalf to take you on as a member.

In return, you will get your healthcare services through the Medicare HMO plan’s network of providers, and you will generally pay a copay for most services, such as doctor’s visits, lab work, hospital stays, etc.

Many  Medicare HMO plans have little or no premium. Some plans may include the Medicare Part D prescription drug card and perhaps limited extra benefits such as vision and hearing exams. 

However, HMO enrollment has certain restrictions that you must follow, such as when you can enroll or disenroll. You must choose a primary care physician who will decide when you need to see a specialist, and set up that referral if deemed necessary. Care outside the network is generally not covered unless it’s an emergency.

A WORD OF CAUTION: there are some Medicare Advantage plans which may have small networks or expensive cost sharing, as high as 20%,  for certain services. If a Texas Medicare HMO interests you, it’s important to get help from a licensed health insurance agent to help you evaluate the differences between available plans, such as networks, copays and extras. You should fully understand what your potential costs may be before you enroll in a plan.

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